Changhwan Joe

Degree B.S, Korea University (August, 2018)
Contact chjoe01 korea

Research Experiences

- International Journals
1. Joon Yeop Lee*, Albert Y. Chung*, Hooyeop Shim*, Changhwan Joe*, Seongjoon Park, Hwangnam Kim, "UAV Flight and Landing Guidance System for Emergency Situations," Sensors, MDPI, (* Equal contribution).
- International Conferences
1. Seongjoon Park, Joon Yeop Lee, Inseop Um, Changhwan Joe, Hyeong Tae Kim, and Hwangnam Kim, "Poster: RC Function Virtualization - You Can Remote Control Drone Squadrons," Mobisys 2019, .
- Domestic Journals
1. Changhwan Joe, Seongjoon Park, Inseop Um, Hwangnam Kim, "Exploring Trends and Technologies in Drone Development ," KOREA INFORMATION SCIENCE SOCIETY, Communications of the Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers 37(1), 2019.1, 10-19(10 pages), .
- Domestic Conferences
1. Changhwan Joe, Hwangnam Kim, "Simplifying UWB/Wi-Fi combined Localization Infrastructure through Ad-hoc Networking and Tag Computation. ," Proc. Korea Institute of communications and Information Sciences, February, 2020.
Technical Skills