Hyeontae Joo

· Wireless connectivity and networking   · Cyber physical system and network virtualization
Degree B.S, University of Seoul (Feb, 2017)
Contact motern800 korea ac.kr

- Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
MS/Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Feb 2020 - Present
Adviser: Professor Hwangnam Kim
- University of Seoul, Seoul, Republic of Korea
BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Feb 2011 - Feb 2017

* Fall 2020: Data Structure and Algorithm (KEEE210) at Korea University
* Fall 2022: Digital System Design and Laboratory (KECE210) at Korea University

Research Experiences

- Wireless Intelligence at Network Edge Laboratory, Korea University
Research Assistant ( Feb 2020 ~ Present )
- Automotive, Research & Development Division, Hyundai Motor Group
Research Engineer ( Feb 2017 ~ Feb 2020 )

- International Journals
1. Hyeontae Joo, Sangmin Lee, Seunghwan Lee, and Hwangnam Kim, "Optimizing Time-Sensitive Software-Defined Wireless Networks with Reinforcement Learning," IEEE Access, Vol. 10, Pages 119496-119505, November 2022..
2. Woonghee Lee*, Joon Yeop Lee*, Hyeontae Joo*, and Hwangnam Kim, "MPTCP-based Transmission Scheme for Improving Control Stability of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle," Sensors, Vol. 21, No. 8, Pages 2791, April 2021 (* Equal contribution).
3. Seongjoon Park, Hyeong Tae Kim, Sangmin Lee, Hyeontae Joo, and Hwangnam Kim, "Survey on Anti-Drone Systems: Components, Designs, and Challenges," IEEE Access , Vol. 9, Pages 42635-42659, March 2021.
- International Conferences
1. Hyeontae Joo, Taehoon Yoo, and Hwangnam Kim, "Reinforcing SDN Reliability with Blockchain-based Renewal of Network Participation," ICONI 2022, Jeju, Korea , December 2022.
2. Hyeontae Joo, and Hwangnam Kim, "Ensuring Reliable OpenFlow Channel for SDN Based Cyber-Physical System," ICCAS , Jeju, Korea, October, 2021.
- Domestic Journals
1. Hooyeop Shim, Hyeontae Joo, Hwangnam Kim, "Minimizing GPS Clock Synchronization Error for PX4-Based Unmanned Aircraft ," The Journal of Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, Vol.46, No.4, Pages 679-687, April 2021.
- Domestic Conferences
1. Hyeontae Joo, Namkyung Yoon, and Hwangnam Kim, "Study on Improving Network Reliability for Swarming Robots ," The 18th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference, February, 2023.
2. Seunghwan Lee, Hyeontae Joo, Namkyung Yoon, and Hwangnam Kim, "Simulating Multiple Unmanned Vehicle Control based on Software-Defined Networks," Proc. Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology, June 2022.
3. Kyeong Hyun Yoo, Hyeontae Joo, and Hwangnam Kim, "Implementing Virtual Models for Drones in the AirSim Environment," Proc. Korea Institute of communications and Information Sciences, November 2021.
4. Hyeontae Joo, Dong Kyu Lee, and Hwangnam Kim, "Scheduling Packet Replication for Throughput Improvement in MPTCP," Proc. Korea Institute of communications and Information Sciences, August 2020.
1. Hooyeop Shim, Hyeontae Joo, "TIME SYNCHRONIZATION METHOD OF ELECTRONIC APPARATUS 10-2021-0115621," , (applied, 10-2021-0115621).
Technical Skills

Languages: C, Python
Libraries: Linux Kernel
Tools: MS Visual Studio, NS-3, ONOS
Operating Systems: MS Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)


Korean (Native)
English (Limited)