Seongjoon Park

Degree B.S, Korea University (August, 2015)
Contact psj900918 korea

Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
MS/Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, August 2015 - Present
- Adviser: Professor Hwangnam Kim

Research Experiences

- International Journals
1. Inseop Um*, Seongjoon Park*, Hyeong Tae Kim, and Hwangnam Kim, "Configuring RTK-GPS Architecture for System Redundancy in Multi-Drone Operations," IEEE Access, (* equal contribution).
2. Seounghwan Oh, Seongjoon Park, Hwangnam Kim, "Patterned Cipher Block for Low-Latency Secure Communication," IEEE Access, Volume 8, Issue 1, 44632-44642.
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4. Joon Yeop Lee*, Albert Y. Chung*, Hooyeop Shim*, Changhwan Joe*, Seongjoon Park, Hwangnam Kim, "UAV Flight and Landing Guidance System for Emergency Situations," Sensors, MDPI, (* Equal contribution).
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7. Seongjoon Park, Kangho Kim, Hyunsoon Kim and Hwangnam Kim, "Formation Control Algorithm of Multi-UAV-Based Network Infrastructure," Applied Sciences, Special Issue "UAV Assisted Wireless Communications".
8. Mungyu Bae*, Seungho Yoo*, Jongtack Jung*, Seongjoon Park, Kangho Kim, Joon Yeop Lee, Hwangnam Kim, "Devising Mobile Sensing and Actuation Infrastructure with Drones," Sensors, 2018, 18(2), 624. February 2018 (* Equal contribution).
9. Hwantae Kim*, Kangho Kim*, Seongjoon Park*, Hyunsoon Kim, and Hwangnam Kim, "CoSimulating Communication Networks and Electrical System for Performance Evaluation in Smart Grid," Applied Science , 2018, 8(1), 85 (* Equal contribution).
- International Conferences
1. Inseop Um, Seongjoon Park, Seounghwan Oh, Hwangnam Kim, "Analyzing Location Accuracy of Unmanned Vehicle According to RTCM Message Frequency of RTK-GPS," 2019 25th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
2. Seongjoon Park, Joon Yeop Lee, Inseop Um, Changhwan Joe, Hyeong Tae Kim, and Hwangnam Kim, "Poster: RC Function Virtualization - You Can Remote Control Drone Squadrons," Mobisys 2019, .
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- Domestic Journals
1. Changhwan Joe, Seongjoon Park, Inseop Um, Hwangnam Kim, "Exploring Trends and Technologies in Drone Development ," KOREA INFORMATION SCIENCE SOCIETY, Communications of the Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers 37(1), 2019.1, 10-19(10 pages), .
2. Seongjoon Park, Jiyeon Lee, Hwangnam Kim, "Net-Drone: Improvising Network Infrastructure with Drone Fleet," The Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, .
- Domestic Conferences
1. Seounghwan Oh, Seongjoon Park, Inseop Um, and Hwangnam Kim, "Stream Cipher Scheme with Zero Knowledge," Korean Society for Internet Information(KSII), .
2. Seongjoon Park and Hwangnam Kim, "Devising Multi-UAV Formation for Instant Network Deployment," Proc. Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology, November 2018.
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4. Woong Gyu La, Seungho Yoo, Seongjoon Park, Joon Yeop Lee, and Hwangnam Kim, "APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING DRONE FORMATION (US 15/840,934)," , .
Technical Skills

Languages: C, C++, java, Python, MATLAB
Libraries: ROS, openCV
Tools: MS Visual Studio
Operating Systems: MS Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)


Korean (Native)
English (Limited)