Changmin Park


I am Changmin Park, a Ph D. student in wireless intelligence at Network Edge Laboratory at Korea University. My research interests are Reinforcement Learning, Network, Drones and Software Defined Radio. 

Research Interests


minpark0120 AT korea DOT ac DOT kr


MS/Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Feburary 2021 - Present

Adviser: Professor Hwangnam Kim


International Journals

Changmin Park, Sangmin Lee, Hyeontae Joo, and Hwangnam Kim

Drones, Vol. 7, No. 6, Pages 387, June 2023

Domestic Conferences

Changmin Park, Sangmin Lee, and Hwangnam Kim

Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology, June 2022

Changmin Park, Seongjoon Park, Woonghee Lee, and Hwangnam Kim

Proc. Korea Institute of communications and Information Sciences, June 2021

Technical Skills