Drone system optimization & Anti-Drone system

Drones have been getting significant attention in modern days and are being used in various fields such as military, commercial, and personal applications. As the use of drones increases, drone systems face various constraints and challenges.

In the field of drone system optimization, we consider various factors to enhance the flight performance of drones, including flight efficiency, stability, and control systems. For example, path optimization minimizes the drone's travel distance and flight time while improving collision avoidance and autonomous flight capabilities. Additionally, we conduct research on payload capacity, battery life extension, and environmentally friendly energy management to maximize the performance of drones. By extending the flight time of drones and improving their safety and reliability, we aim to maximize the performance of drone systems. Furthermore, while drones have diverse applications, they can pose issues such as invasion of privacy, unauthorized disclosure of information, and threatening behavior if misused. Therefore, it is essential to research security and countermeasure systems for drones to detect and respond to illegal drone usage and intrusion.